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Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is being aware of the present moment while consuming food. Too often are we multitasking or rushing our eating.  Eating becomes almost laborious.  While practicing Mindful Eating we can become better connected with ourselves, others, and what we intake.


The next time you eat, put your phone up and find yourself a comfortable, quiet place.  Practice mindful breathing, before eating, to reconnect the mind and body.  Then, from your first to last bite, eat methodically and slowly.  


You will notice that you are not simply eating but experiencing the food’s journey to you.  Taste the rain the made the apple grow.  Be grateful for the person who spent time putting together your sandwich.  Quickly, you will realize that your food tastes differently.  Flavors you previously rushed through, or were too occupied to realize, are surfacing.  


Your meal begins to nourish your mind and body.

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