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Teachers agree that the Tools 4 Mindfulness program is a game changer.  It allows you to destress and live in the moment.  The Tools are easily applied to the rapid moving day of educators.  Teachers are bringing their practices to the classroom and changing its dynamic completely.

“I really did the challenges. At first I was a little skeptical, but they really help and now I look forward to doing them”

Anna J.

“Best professional development ever!”

Eric B.

“Very satisfied. I’m planning in introducing it to my students.”

Johanne C.

“This is imperative to my curriculum and is already embedded but it will help me immensely to be able to have a lesson that teaches them the process.”

John J.

“A whole new way to work with my students and reduce stress!”

Susan D.

“Stress relief is a great way to get the most out of your class.”

Brandon T.

“This can be implemented in just a few minutes of class time.”

Sterling R.

“[T]hese techniques help me, they can help my students”

Maria B.

“Remember to relax and be in the moment”

Calvin S

Program Design

This program comes with audio and a book companion.


If this program does not increase your self-awareness and hapiness in the first week of practice, we will refund your purchase 110%.

Get Tools 4 Mindfulness now!

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