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Challenge: Joy of Loving-Kindness

Peace is contagious.  (Thich Nhat Hanh)


The best gift you can give someone else is yourself.  When we are upset or distraught, it is truly impossible to be with others.  I don’t mean by proximity, but emotionally.  If a couple sit together on a park bench and one is fuming from work, how close are they?  They are ever so distant.  The fuming partner is trying to live in the nebulous regions of memory or plotting revenge in his future.  They are miles, even hours, apart.


When we are here, in the present, and balanced there is no space between two or more people.  We. like the mind and brain during mindful breathing, are existing together in the present.


Google Engineer, renowned personal growth coach, and meditation guru, Chade-Meng Tan offers a quick method spread our peace to others:


All other things being equal, to increase your happiness, all you have to do is randomly wish for somebody else to be happy.  That is all. It basically takes no time and effort. (Chade-Meng Tan)


At any time of the day or mindful practice, stop and wish happiness onto two people.  Even better, do this every hour at work the next day.  For every class period that comes in your room and right when the tardy bell, wish happiness on to two students in the room in front of you.  Do this for the week.  It feels amazing and allows for you secretly spread peace mindfully.

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