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Here and Now

Conscious, mindful breathing is really the key to finding the present moment.  Often we set to burden ourselves with the past.  We dwell in it and worry so much that we become sick.  This is an example of mind degrading the body, instead of working with it.  The future is so uncertain that it makes up the rest of our discomfort that the past has left behind.  


The present gets very little attention.  We only notice it if it is negative, and then we wish for a better future or how it used to be in the past.  There is comfort in these ambiguous thoughts.  Why?  Because we feel that there is more control.


There is no need to hide from the present because it is beautiful.  You may feel stressed, but wishing it didn’t exist and hiding from it will only allow it to grow.  I meet people often who damage their bodies and minds  in an attempt to hide from this wonderful moment.  We must be mindful of our bodies and minds in order to transform pain into happiness.   When you are ready, get in your position and breathe mindfully.  As you inhale attach Dwelling in the present moment  to it and exhale with I know this is a wonderful  moment.  Spend a minute or more here.


Dwelling in the present moment

I know this is a wonderful  moment


Amazing, right.  You quickly emerge refreshed.  We find that this very instance in our life is truly magical.  We are here.  We are home.  

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