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Studio Apartment #1

Mindful breathing is the bridge that brings the body and mind together. (Thich Nhat Hanh)


For a very long time, our body and mind have live separate lives.  Your mind occupies the studio up top and the bottom is for the body.  They live so close, but never interact.  When they do, it is usually for a fight.  


Either to mind plays its music too loud.  It  argues and stresses the body out so that they ignore each other.  This is not a relationship, but a forced mutuality.  Since this has gone on for so long, we haven’t the ability to unite them.  To live in the present moment and transform our lives, they must be one. As you inhale recite Breathing in, I am mindful of my eyes.  Don’t just think it, but feel yourself breathing for your eyes: those wonderful helpful tools.  When exhaling recite Breathing out, I smile at them.  Don’t force a smile, however let it come naturally.  Let the moment and your breathing excite your lips until they can no longer resist.  Smile with delight and the beauty of truly being a live.  Try it for as long as you please.


Breathing in, I am mindful of my eyes

Breathing out, I smile at them.


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